Word of the Year in 2016

Happy New Year!

Are you a fan of New Year’s resolutions? I like the thought of creating resolutions to stick to throughout the year but somehow with the craziness of life, they always seem to take a backseat.

So, this year I’m doing something different! I’ve picked ONE word that I want to focus on this year. And that word is CONSISTENCY.


I chose consistency because, let’s face it, with the new addition to my little family this past year things are always changing! I also have a horrible habit of starting things and never finishing them, changing my mind, or saying YES to way too many things!  It’s like I jump from one shiny object to another and end up with great attempts of greatness but never really succeeding in anything.  *Agh*

SO…this year for me is all about CONSISTENCY.

Consistency with my freelance digital marketing business, consistency in my blog (I want to post *at least* once a week & give it a major facelift), consistency with my workout routine, and even consistency with how I parent and as a wife.

I feel like this one focused word goal is really going to work for me this year. It’s simple!

Now I challenge YOU! It’s your turn…what is your 2016 word of the year?

Comment below! :)


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