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The Search For the Perfect Sippy Cup+ Giveaway!







Now that Everly is OFFICIALLY six months, I thought it was time to start introducing a sippy cup! I went to the store, walked down the baby aisle, and BAM! I was hit with about a hundred different types of cups!

Sometimes finding the right items for your baby can be overwhelming. The first question that always pops into my head (of course)…is it safe? Then, is it easy to use? Lastly, will it make MY life easier?

Boon SNUG SPOUT Universal Sippy Cup Lids are an absolute no brainer! They fit over ANY regular cup (with a 2.5” to 3.75” diameter – in other words, almost every cup in your cabinet!). The SNUG SPOUT lid itself is super easy to use. You just pop it over the cup you would like to use and it turns into a sippy cup for your little. Voila! Seriously. It’s that easy.

Wondering about spills and leaks? Nope. Not here! It does have the word SNUG in the name for a reason! It’s got a great snug fit. I even turned the cup over and shook it, nothing! It has a little ring around the neck that I found reinforces the lid so water or juice doesn’t leak out. Ever even decided that she wanted to test it by throwing it down the playground steps and it stayed completely intact and spill-proof! :)

One of the absolute best features that I personally love is how compact these lids are. I hate clutter, so the idea of having a huge cabinet full of baby cups spilling out all over the place starts giving me anxiety. So the idea that these little lids can make almost any cup a sippy cup?! Fabulous. PLUS The Sippy Cup Lids come in a pack of three and it’s SO easy to just pop one in your bag and you can even keep one in your car.

I took Everly for a walk in her stroller to the playground and I just tossed it into my bag.  The Sippy Lids are so lightweight, convenient, and they don’t take up space. Boon even has a set that comes with a cup (pictured above)!

Now, remember when I said the first question that I ask myself is, “is it safe”? Here are some details for the Boon SNUG SPOUT Universal Sippy Cup Lids:

*Spill proof*

*100% Silicone Lids*

*BPA, PVC, and Phthalate Free*

Wondering where you can get these little colorful gems of amazingness?

You can check out all the of the Boon SNUG SPOUT Universal Sippy Lids HERE  and even select Targets have them too! And HELLO, what mama doesn’t love a great excuse to go to Target?!

I really hope you’ll give the Boon SNUG SPOUT  a try. I’m really impressed with this product and I think you will be too.

You didn’t think I was going to forget about this awesome giveaway, did you? 😉 I’ll be sending one lucky individual Boon SNUG SPOUT Universal Sippy Lids and Cup in Orange Multi!

*Giveaway open to U.S. participants only.*


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  • Reply
    15/4/16 at 10:40 pm

    omg Nora is 10 months and I just saw these and would love to win a set since she could start using the sippy cups. I will have to look into them and your blog is just too adorable and your daughter so cute. Thank you

    • Reply
      17/4/16 at 3:28 pm

      Thanks so much Natalia! I LOVE the name Nora! So sweet! and YES, these sippy lids would be perfect for her at 10 months old! <3 Thanks for entering! xo

  • Reply
    16/4/16 at 12:29 am

    she is 18 months old!

    • Reply
      17/4/16 at 3:27 pm

      Aww! They grow so fast, don’t they?! Thanks for entering!

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