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How to Bathe a Baby with Sensitive Skin + A Giveaway!

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Everly has had skin issues since the day we brought her home from the hospital. Literally. I bathed her the day after we brought her home in her tiny infant tub with the special “organic” soap  that I had excitedly been wanting to use and the next morning awoke to her having tiny little red bumps all over her chest and arms. Needless to say I felt horrible. However, looking back, the one positive side to experiencing this was that it opened my eyes as a first time mommy to really look at labels and watch what I was putting on my baby!

Did you know that a baby’s skin is 5 times thinner than your average adult’s? Crazy, right?! This makes it incredibly sensitive to different irritations and because of this, their skin obviously need to be treated in the most gentle way possible with any products you use on them.

By the way, we later found out that she also has a dairy allergy, extremely sensitive skin to soaps, eczema patches, and also has dreaded cradle cap!

Through all of her skin sensitivities I finally have a process that has almost cleared her skin entirely! I’ve been using this routine every night for the past few months and I’d love to share it with you if you are also struggling with finding the right products for your little babe!

It’s crazy simple! But first, I need to tell you that I bathe Everly every single night. I have made it a large part of her nightly bedtime routine and I know she actually looks forward to it now. It really relaxes her and she knows that when I start running the water it’s time to wind down and go to sleep.

Steps for our sensitive skin bath time routine:

  1. First, I make sure the water is between 96-98 degrees. This is the temp that she is most comfortable in and we have a temperature gage on her actual bathtub to monitor the temperature.
  2. After placing her in the bath, she usually splashes around with her toys while I gently wipe her down with a soft washcloth. No need to scrub! Scrubbing can irritate the skin even more. Note: I actually DO NOT use soap on her when doing this. Honestly, I only use soap if for some reason she is dirty.
  3. If I am going to use a soap, I use a soap without any fragrance like Dr. Bronner’s Baby Pure-Castile Soap which is primarily made up of Coconut Oil. Side Note: Is anyone else obsessed with coconut oil like I am?! I use it for everything!
  4. Every other day I will rinse her head. I found that if I wet her head every night it would dry out her scalp more and she would have more cradle cap issues! Since I’ve been doing this routine her cradle cap is almost gone.
  5.  Next, I gently get her out of the bathtub and place her onto a baby towel. Gently patting her dry.
  6. Time for baby massage! I use 100% African Shea Butter as her lotion and massage her feet, legs, arms etc. Infant massage has awesome benefits! Not only does it assist with infant bonding, it also is great for their little circulatory systems!
  7. Before putting on her diaper I use Weleda Calendula Diaper Rash cream on her bum! This cream is currently a best-selling baby product and is also the winner of the Parent Tested Parent Approved Award. Between Everly teething (can you believe she now has TWO teeth?!) and her starting solids, her bottom has been getting a little pink and luckily I’ve had Weleda to quickly help soothe the redness and any inflammation. What also makes this product awesome is that it’s organic, includes an anti-inflammatory calendula extract from flowers actually grown in Weleda’s own Biodynamic garden (pretty cool, huh?) & uses fair trade beeswax. My favorite part about Weleda Calendula Diaper Rash Cream? It doesn’t contain ANY chemical fragrance or preservatives! This cream was actually formulated in a collaboration with German midwives. I feel 100% comfortable using this product on my sensitive skinned baby. PS- For my cloth diaper mama’s, this is totally safe and easy to use with cloth diapers!
  8. After her shea butter massage and using the Weleda Diaper Rash cream, it’s now time for some adorable pajamas and off to bed Everly goes! *Fingers crossed she sleeps the entire night*

That’s it! Easy, right?!

Give this process a try with your sensitive skin babe and let me know if it helps!

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