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{Creating a Safe Spot} – Preparing Your Dog for Baby From a Dog Lover’s Perspective


I learned an incredible tip (thanks to reading one of my favorite blogs {Pretty Fluffy​} & just have to share it with my friends who are moms/dads-to-be who are dog lovers like I am!

One of the things that has irked me the most this pregnancy is when people tell me “oh just wait, your dog is going to be put on the back burner when the baby is here”, “she’s getting all of the attention now…she has another thing coming to her once the baby is here”, “she’s so BIG, what are you going to do with her and the baby?!”…blah blah blah… {ladies! You know what I’m talking about… I think I have officially perfected the art of the gracious smile and nod}

Our dog isn’t an item or personal belonging, she’s an integral part of our family and honestly, she’s our first daughter…and will be treated as such! I’ll be darned if I don’t try my hardest in making it a smooth transition for the 4 of us!

Now, this might make me sound a bit crazy, but since I found out I was pregnant I made sure to ALWAYS include Maggie as much as possible so she feels just as involved. Whenever I was nauseous & in the bathroom instead of kicking her out and closing the door…she laid next to me at my feet patiently… whenever I receive a package with baby clothes, etc. she gets first smells and then walks into the nursery with me to put it away. As a result of always making her feel included…my dog has literally never left my side this entire pregnancy and I feel like she’s incredibly connected to both me and my little one. SIDE NOTE: Also exercise, exercise, exercise with them! We love our morning walks and it burns some of her energy for the day (and gets your butt out exercising too! 😉 )

NOW! Onto the tip that I have been absolutely most impressed with!…Serena from Pretty Fluffy talks about “Promoting a Safe and Calm Space” for your dog in the nursery. She goes on to say “By promoting a safe and calm space within the home, you will ensure not only your dog remains happy and healthy, but the whole family does….. provide a safe, warm space for your dog to curl up in away from the baby. Knowing they have this space to themselves will offer them a retreat if needed.” Umm…BAZINGA!?

We just started working on the nursery and headed to IKEA earlier this week to pick up a dresser (nursery details will be coming in the next couple months!)….and I found this faux sheepskin rug in white that would go perfectly for our modern nursery design and thought it would also be the perfect space for Maggie’s “spot” in the nursery. The best part? This rug was only about $12! Score!

As soon as we got home I excitedly got Mags out of her crate and pulled the rug out of the bag, bringing it into the nursery and laying in onto the ground letting her sniff it and telling her that this is HER mat and HER space. Now again, I’m going to sound like a crazy loon but it was as if she completely understood me because she laid right on it. The most impressive part is that whenever I’m in the nursery she goes straight to her mat and gets comfy.

We painted the nursery walls last night and where did she lay the ENTIRE time?!…on her fuzzy rug…Javi and I couldn’t get over how impressed we are with this simple idea and I just had to share it with you in hopes that it may help your pup feel involved too!

Mags on her rug while Dad paints (and Mom supervises)

Mags on her rug while Dad paints (and Mom supervises)

The best feeling of all is knowing that she “got it” and now understands that this is her space where she can relax and still be involved inside the nursery. It makes all of us super happy to see! <3

I was SO excited to do this post and think I’m going to create an entire post series with updates on how Maggie is doing and different things and tips we’re learning along the way, as well as seeing how all of this works once the baby is here! Stay tuned!




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