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Bath Time Fun with Boon


Hey Hey!

Happy Friday! I know it’s been awhile…I’ve been over here baking baby #2 (a BOY!)…working from home (or at least attempting to)…and running around after Everly like a crazy maniac. But I’m BACK!

Before diving into Boon and their great bath time products…I HAVE to tell you about an experience that happened to me a few weeks back with Everly in the bath. It’s serious.

E has these little bath toys that she loved playing with that had little holes in them so that they can squirt water out. I was always super diligent about making sure the water was completely out of the toys and that I put them up after bath time in a dry place.

Well. One night after she went to sleep I had this weird feeling that I needed to cut open one of these little rubber toys. You mamas know what I’m talking about. That mama instinct!

Can you believe I cut open one toy and covered inside was MOLD. Freaking MOLD. I was freaking. Out.

So, needless to say I threw all of these toys out right away and we took a break from toys for a while in the bath.

Well! This is where Boon comes in! About a month after this incident I was contacted to see if I’d be interested in trying out and reviewing some of their new bath time products. I’m a huge Boon fan and really enjoy using their other products and I trust and know how highly they take safety when creating their products so I agreed in giving them a try.


They sent over the Boon Soak 3 Stage Bathtub, RIPPLE Bathtub Mat, PIPES Building Bath Toy, COGS Water Gears, FLEET Stacking Boats, and the Frog Pod Bath Toy Scoop.

Even though Everly is currently out of the baby bathtub, I am really looking forward to using the Soak Bathtub with little man. You can adjust the bump in the center of the bathtub to create the best position for your babe and know that the baby won’t slip down during bath time (Everly would constantly slide around in her infant tub). It even has a color-changing drain plug so you know if the water is at a safe temperature!

Before receiving our Boon package, we were using a laundry basket in the bath to keep her safe and to prevent her from sliding around. After receiving the RIPPLE Bathtub Mat I took her out of the basket and gave this a try and I’m really happy I did.



She enjoys having the extra space now to move around the bathtub and I feel confident in letting her do so knowing that it’s textured and soft. Plus, the mat itself is really big! It covers the entire floor of the bathtub and even protects the drain a bit as well so she doesn’t mess with it during her bath. It also has a built in hook on the mat so you can hang it from your shower head to prevent mold and mildew!…which we all know I’m super happy about. :)


After my moldy toy experience…I’ll be honest, I was most skeptical about trying out the different bath toys. Everly’s favorite toys right now are the FLEET Stacking Boats. I love them because they are made with BPA free plastic and that have absolutely no hidden crevices or places where mold can hide! She loves moving them all over the tub.



She also enjoys watching Daddy organize and build different water mazes using the PIPES Water Toys that are suctioned onto the wall. They both like trying to figure out how to build the pipes in order for water to flow and hit the COGS Water Gears just right to send them spinning. It’s very entertaining. For the both of them!


When bath time is finally done, clean-up is a breeze using the Frog Pod Scoop. This little frog scoops up all of the bath toys and stores them safely on the wall. It has great built in air holes that allow any access water to drain away fighting mold and mildew from growing. Plus it looks super cute on the wall inside the bathtub. :)



If you’re looking for some new bath toys and gear for your little one, Boon does not disappoint. I love the modern styling that they give to all of their baby products. I personally feel like everything that they make is stylish and easy to use.

Hope you all have an amazing weekend!

I have some really exciting things coming up on the blog, so stay tuned and keep an eye out!


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    27/10/16 at 12:18 am

    Great pics those toys are so cute! Thanks for always sharing the most unique products!

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